“New shoes”

Teatre d’objectes recomanat per a xiquets i xiquetes a partir de 3 anys i públic familiar, “Sabates noves” parla amb senzillesa i poesia del fet de creixer i dels sentiments que això comporta.

* Millor espectacle per a xiquets i xiquetes i públic familiar, PREMIS MAX 2020

* Millor espectacle de xicotet format, FETEN 2019

* Millor escenografia, Fira de Teatre de Titelles de Lleida 2019

* Premi del Públic Professional Int. Puppet Festival “Visiting Arlekin”, Omsk 2019 (Russia)

Teaser “NEW SHOES”


A child wears new shoes and goes to the river for a snack. Along the way, he discovers the world that surrounds him: streets, houses, landscapes, people and animals. His shoes accumulate experiences and he grows, little by little.

The size of the shoes follows us over the years. The size measures the foot, but also the age, the experiences, the way we walk through life. The days, the years and the shoe boxes go by. Small, medium, large, ...

A new experience
In this show, we start from a local event (a tradition of Vinaròs, a Mediterranean town) to arrive at the universal (a small initiatory journey, of learning, of discovery and of bond with nature). We would like that for children, this show be an adventure. And that adults reconnect with their childhood: popular songs, relationship with nature, the sand of time. Because, we work for both of them, to turn the time we will share together into one more experience

“NEW SHOES” is is a show recommended for children from 3 years old and for a family audiencies. It can be represented in any kind of space, if there is access to electricity and black in the room. The ideal is that the public and the actor are at the same level, but it can also be performed in a traditional theatre structure.

RECOMMENDED AGE: Children from 3 year old and family audiences

AUDIENCE PER PERFORMANCE: 75 children for school performances and 100 for family

PERFORMANCES PER DAY: 2 minimum / 3 maximum

LENGTH: ​30 minutes

SPACE: scenopraphy and public at the same level or little theatre (ideal with stands)

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Basque. Others: consult.

CREATION: Jordi Palet & Tian Gombau

AUTOR & DIRECTOR: Jordi Palet i Puig


Scenography and crafts: ISA SOTO

MUSIC: Òscar Roig

RECORD: Temps Record

MUSICIANS RECORD: Olvido Lanza, Benet Palet i Pep Pascual.

LIGHTING: Xavi Prieto

COSTUMES: Hernán Martínez

VIDEO: Xavi Manzanet


Production: TIAN GOMBAU

DISTRIBUTION: Mélanie Lefebvre

Theme “Bujaraloz by night” by Carles Santos

Thanks to: Teresa Sánchez, Olga Piquer, Rosa Moros, Anna Mari Cases, Nati Romeu, Miquel Górriz, Juan Bautista Giner, Fundació Caixa Vinaròs, Les Pisanes Escola de Teatre, Aula de Teatre Carles Pons, Olivier Van Der Beken

Dedicated to our parents, who have helped us grow, and our children, that too.

Show produced with the support of the Institut Valencia de Cultura-Generalitat Valenciana and with the collaboration of Municipal Theater Francesc Tàrrega of Benicàssim, the Municipal Auditorium of Vinaròs and the Center of Performing Arts of Terrassa-CAET.