"Stone by stone"

“Stone by stone” did more than 1.850 performances in 43 countries of 4 continents and received 17 awards (7 national awards and 10 international awards) and a nomination in the MAX AWARDS (Spain).

Trailer “Stone by stone”


I was once walking barefoot on the beach when I suddenly realized there are so many stones on earth. Now I have started to classify them and keep them as a precious treasure. If you look at what’s inside them, one realizes there is something more than just a stone.

An imagination-awakening proposal for children using inanimate objects.

"Stone by stone" is a show recommended for children from 2 years old and for a family audience. It can be represented in any kind of space, if there is access to electricity and black in the room. The ideal is that the public and the actor are at the same level, but it can also be performed in a traditional theatre structure.

AUDIENCE: Recommended for children from 2 years old and for family audiences

AUDIENCE PER PERFORMANCE: 75 children for school performances and 100 for family

PERFORMANCES PER DAY: 2 minimum / 3 maximum

LENGTH: ​30 minutes

SPACE: scenopraphy and public at the same level or little theatre (ideal with stands)

LANGUAGES: Versions available in French, Basque, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Hebrew. Other: consult the company


Director: ROSA DÍAZ


Scenography and crafts: ISA SOTO



Special thanks to: Isidro Ferrer, “Pajarito”, Escola La Marina, Pepa Plana and Oriol

Stones for the play have been picked by: Iris, Mariano, Marc, Laia, Olga, Dominguet, Tian and Rosa