Tian Gombau Tian Gombau transforms esthetical universes of magic shows for the little ones

His repertoire is part of the visual and object theater, with a poetic and didactic language that, at the same time, transmits emotions and messages of tolerance and humanity.

From the hand of Tian Gombau and his collaborators, a stone, a box of sardines, pieces of wood or an illustration are inspiration of a story, where objects and images communicate beyond their real form.

Shows of Tian Gombau-L’Home Dibuixat transmit emotions while conveying messages of tolerance and humanity.

They have been consolidated as the best way to develop abilities and vital attitudes of children

The small format of the productions of the Home Dibuixat breaks the fourth wall creating proximity and intimacy with its public, to share with him unusual experiences.

Tian Gombau-L’Home Dibuixat easily reaches anywhere in the world

In his 30 years of experience, his flexible structure and ability to adapt his language has allowed the company to perform more than 3.800 performances in 47 countries, in 10 languages.

Over the years, the company has received 28 awards at highly prestigious national and international festivals and was nominated for the Max Awards (Premios MAX de las Artes Escénicas), as Best Children and Family's Show in 2009, with the show "Stone by stone", and received the MAX AWARD as Best Children and Family's and Family Show in 2020 with "New Shoes ”.

These last years, the company has sailed through different theatrical registers

Since its first production "Ñaque o de Piojos y Actores" by José Sanchis Sinisterra, where the work of actor was the fundamental basis, the company has consolidated its characteristic language during its last productions: "Stone by stone"directed by Rosa Díaz, "Screen Man", directed by Tian Gombau himself and “New shoes”, directed by Jordi Palet i Puig.